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Popcorn time free movies app use to watch or download free movies to android (v.2.4.1), v.3.8 for windows 7 or windows 8 / linux and Mac osx absolutely Free to use. This app is similar like showbox app / movietube app. These application developed by one developer.

Here is the popcorn time app screen shoot : popcorn time app download free movies to android windows mac

Popcorn time app is available to download on windows xp, 7 and 8, android 4 or later, IOS (iphone/ipad), linux, mac osx. Please follow :

Please bookmark our website to get popcorn time app free movies update (bug fix or latest app update files)


  1. I hate the app it doesn’t let me watch the show I like went I search the show i want to watch it said video not found fix that app or the app you replace movietube is loser

  2. Popcorn takes way to long to download movies..What happened to MOVIETUBE? Please bring it back. Movietube was the best ever…PLEASE BRING IT BACK

  3. Popcorn time falls short when compared to movie tube open movie tube back up

  4. Ugh movie tube doesn’t open for me it says I don’t have a connection and I hate popcorn time because it doesn’t have vampire diaries season 6

    • popcorn time app need 2gb or more to play a movie. it download torrent movies first before play a movie

  5. I dont know what they are talking about but everything on the app works on my phone it only takes like a 2 min. To load up but it works thank you for the app

  6. When i doenload Movietube 4.4 whrnvi open the app it just says network error SORT this!

  7. Movie tube loaded but won’t load on my phone keeps saying check network connection I have tried on WiFi and on my provider 4g still the same out come

  8. I am also getting the network error for movieTube. Do you have any fix for that please? Thanks.

  9. I’m not exactly sure but did you all take off Movietube because it was a really good movie app and how do I download this Popcorn Time app or Showbox app or what ever it is called! Thankyou!

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