chromecast popcorn time app

New popcorn time app version 3.8 or 5.3.1 (for windows only) have mirroring option to your smart-tv using chromecast.

How to Chromecast popcorn time app :

  1. Plug your chromecast to your wide screen device like smart-tv and make sure its connected to your windows pc.
  2. Launch your popcorn time 3.8 / 5.3.1 on your PC
  3. Pick movies you want
  4. Click little up arrow on popcorn icon beside WATCH NOW button.
  5. If you already connecting crhromecast to smart-tv you will see this : chromecast popcorn time app
  6. Done, your popcorn time movies is now on your Smart-tv. Just click watch now end enjoy to your wide screen.



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