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Popcorn time app free movies online download for android available on v.2.4.1 (beta). Popcorn time free app to watch online or download free movies to android. You can enjoy thousand free full movies from your android smartphones.

How to download popcorn time app to android ?

Download popcorn time app apk (v.2.4.1) here : [sociallocker id=”132″]popcorn time app download for android v2.4.1

New update popcorn time app 3.2 : popcorn time 3.2 apk for android 4.2 New update popcorn time app 2.7.3 : popcorn time 2.7.3 app download for androidNew update popcorn time app :  popcorn time app version

New update popcorntime app popcorntime2753

Open downloaded file named :

  • mobile-armeabi-v7a-release- for 2.4.1 version
  • armeabi-v7a- for v.3.2
  • popcorntime.apk for 2.7.3 or version
  • popcorntime.apk for

(please use ES FILE Explore to manage your files like images below) popcorn time app downloaded files for android v2.4.1

Tap install button on pop windows : popcorn time app download for android

see the popcorn time app for android system required : popcorn time app download install for android v2.4.1

Waiting popcorn time app installation until completed : popcorn time app installed on android v2.4.1

Open popcorn time app and you will see agreement, please read this until finished, and if you agree please tap on agree button : popcorn time app download agreement for android v2.4.1

yeah…. download and installation is completed. you will got this : popcorn time app for android 4.0

I try to play san andreas, the result movies torrent successfully to download : popcorn time app download free movies for android v2.4.1

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  1. I can’t watch movies. It’s saying to avaliable free space on disk. What does that mean? Please help.

    • popcorn time app need space to cache torrent file. before movies playing, the app is download torrent to your cache. its need minimum 1 GB space if you play on 720p. after playing movies you can clear this file by reset database / flush database.

  2. Is there a way how to download the movies on my android phone? Do i need to download torrent, or anything? thank you

    • check your cache folder. the movies torrent downloaded on there if you use popcorntime app

    • this app download torrent movies be4 play the movie, neet hi-speed connection and 4GB HD space to watch a movie on 720p

  3. Everytime I go to watch a movie it always says waiting for torrents. What does that mean?

    • this app download torrent movies be4 play the movie, need hi-speed connection and 4GB HD space to watch a movie on 720p

  4. How come i cant watch movies??it keeps saying waiting for torrent then start buffering but it doesnt play at all..im using a 4g data .i miss the movie tuve;(

    • this app download torrent movies be4 play the movie, need hi-speed connection and 4GB HD space to watch a movie on 720p

  5. I have unlimited 4g data on my sumsung galaxy core prime. any time I try to watch something it only plays for like 20 seconds. Did I download the correct app for my phone?? I did android 4.0…or am I not doing something? I never had any problems with movietube… pls help

    • popcorn time base on torrent file. you must download it first, not like movietube, just play and stream.
      you can use movietube app on 4.4 version. we are stopping develop, but do not remove movietube service. please go back to movietube 4.4 website

  6. Popcorn time needs to DL the new movie before you can play the movie..not fun anymore:/

  7. Previous movie tube for android patron with the exception of movies being boot legged at times I could still download n watch on all smartphones and android tablets easily with quick downloads but since going to this popcorn app I’ve been everything but pleased or satisfied download and connection is horrible for my samsung galaxy s3 s5 and 6 I’ve not enjoyed this at all so disappointed since movie tube has more tv programs that I enjoy and the latest movies earlier than show-box guess I’ll have to go back to showbox sincerely disappointed at this time especially since the web design is beautiful and I purchased chrome cast to stream to hdtvs

  8. I’m having some of the same issues but I’m resilient and its other ways to skin a cat I just download it then send it as a big file to my video player because if its not working for me on a 4g network or my Optimum WiFi I really don’t have a choice alot if good movies but I really want The old Movie tube. Why because I can watch the whole movie without it stopping 98% of the time. It’s really frustrating to take five hours or more to watch a two hour movie??? Like Fury I started watching yesterday and I’m still trying to figure something else out but I sent it to Google plus and I’m just Waiting……. Nanu Nanu!

  9. Every time I watch something it says popcorn time has stopped and stops the movie… and it won’t let me fast forward to where I was…

  10. I was so sad when movietube was stopped…as matter of fact i dont want to delete the app in my phone even its not working anymore..but here it is i found your new apps..hehehe..even those new movies is not yet their or post am still happy with it..just hoping everything will be smooth and perfect..cant wait to watch.. still waiting those new movies ….thanks admin..

  11. Whenever I click on the android download I get a message that says page unavailable?

  12. Don’t like it bring back movietube. Not satisfied at all. I will be redownloading SHOWBOX

  13. Please help me, i can’t install the 2.4.1 version. I keep getting “PERSE ERROR” and i can’t download the 2.7.3 version. Did anyone have problem installing it or is it just my phone. Please kind people, help me please.

  14. NEED MOVIETUBE back NOW. Popcorn time is no where as near as good as movie tube was. I never thought I would see myself going to show box:( but until MOVIETUBE is back or POPCORN TIME is fixed I’ll be at showbox. It keeps giving me acceleration error

    • you can use movietube app on 4.4 version. we are stopping develop, but do not remove movietube service. please go back to movietube 4.4 website

      we are work hard to develop it. please keep update from this website next 1 week

  15. Why why why why why does movie tube gone? Why would you do this to all of us? I’m over it, keep your crappie selection, website, lack of shows. Going to showbox

  16. Administration you keep saying to download movietube 4.4 but this does not work either. Keep getting network connection error. Will be moving.to showbox

    • popcorn time app is downloading torrent movies to your storage first before u play a movie. it need 2 GB free space

  17. Old movie tube app does not work…..popcorn time is always hit or miss….please update the TV shows and make the files smaller or make it easier to play like movie tube..
    I miss movie tube….please make the popcorn app like movie tube

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